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beginning month

beginning month 双语例句

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1. At the beginning of the first month of the lunar year 2, xu Li of 86 years old passes what install on the computer in the home to photograph like the old person like head and microphone, see far in Canadian granddaughter small swallow dresses up very bonnily, really extremely glad, they still chat on the net.

2. At the beginning of this month, policemen arrested eight criminals who forged and sold the false university matriculating notes.

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3. This product in Shaanxi Province by China Railcom Tietong direct operating room, the products in the pro-Shaanxi Xin Jue When°coat bare die × 2004 Mei 12 years Shaanxi Railcom month to start to build the platform, after running for nearly a year testing period, confirmed the stability of quality, from the beginning of a comprehensive investment 2005, 9 month.

4. From the beginning in 1993, with a new YU Hong-mechanical as the representative of domestic equipment manufacturers of sanitary napkins, the continuous development of domestic manufacturers of sanitary napkins, the proportion of imported equipment decreased year by year, many well-known domestic enterprises such as Fujian Hengan Group, Wuhan silk Insurance Group, Fujian Henglida Group, the two-group in Guangxi, the Guangxi Overseas Chinese phoenix, Zhejiang Ya Nina, Zhejiang, the company may, Jiangxi, rabbit Group, the US-jie companies in Guangdong, Shanghai CD-Erfu Group, Chengdu Enwei Group, month Shu Group, Guiyang U. S. business a long time, Chongqing silk Shuang, East of the Shenyang and Fujian Jia Tong, UNIFEM-enterprises in Guangdong, Dongguan Tzu-ting, Shenzhen Guerlain, times chute Beijing, Hebei, welcomed the special companies will have to YU Hong-orders.

5. In only 12 month, Tanan Shenran 150 thousand M3 per day LNG project has finished the work from the very beginning to the very end.

6. My baby just one month, from the beginning on the 27th for the Wei Chuan excellent + of milk powder, the past few days found that the milk舌上cumulative block, I do not know whether it is milk the question of how to deal with that?

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7. The success that a lot of people say a website is to rely on hard to mix assiduous, I am not denied but the operation that succeeds when us after a website the cost that comes again from the beginning is too big we can use us completely already some websites will do some of relevant couplet, I apply this successful website to because I am main, found my other website namely is to make picture website, what so one my website makes example conclude result website is duplicate, my advocate the picture of the station is to contain a bit make picture website experience friend of watermark to know the picture takes watermark to collect value basically with respect to it doesn't matter so this website basically is affirmation is improper for the friend that invites nudnik to look to want to collect to those, it is enough that every month earns bit of pocket money also be those websites that do not have profit pattern another going law I think consistently stationmaster should not waiting for the sky to drop gold to rely on advertisement is a leg walk either long plan besides current.

8. Obtained without charge at the following locations beginning on the third week of every alternative month.

9. 1 The prophet has his vision at the beginning of the year, apparently in the month of Tishri.

10. Xiaowang always spends his entire salary at the beginning of the month.

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11. The release of CRH in stress response during menopause inhibited the secretion of GnRH, gonadotropic hormone and estrogen and induced the expression of intracellular HSP. As the growing of month, the expression of HSP70 and HSP70mRNA in uterus went up at the beginning and came down in the end. The result might be caused by the following:The increase of CRH and the decrease of estrogen during early menopause weakened the inhibitory effects on HSP.

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12. After a two-month delay, it's official: beginning this Saturday, the Orient Lucky City racecourse (let's hope they come up with a less cringe-worthy English name) in Wuhan will host races twice a week.

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13. Survey shows that last month Shanghai second-hand housing index for 1319 points, more than in March increased by 15 points, or 1.15 percent only, which lasted since the beginning of this year continued to slow down the trend of increase.

14. And actually, begin at the beginning of this month, this searchs one elder brother to had been in Beijing, Ning Bo, Guangzhou the network that and other places started impetus huge trades make one's rounds of platform action business exhibits an activity.

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15. The introduction combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine below the experience of enteritis of noxiousness of fine ailment of remedial Tibet mastiff, in order to offer reference. 1 hair sick condition and clinical expression ill dog are 2~4 month more age young dog, majority is come on suddenly, anorexia or abandon absolutely, mental depressed, systemic symptom worsens quickly, produce acuteness sex vomiting and diarrhoea, puke is first feed rotten, afterwards is yellow or olive bubble mucus and hematic type thing, have diarrhoea dung has the sticky stiff thing of grey yellow, turn after for rare dung of effluvial shape of embedded mucous membrane, then shows hematic dysentery, because ill dog is acuteness vomiting and diarrhoea are rapid dehydration, eyeball cave in, temperature is shown two-way and calorific, ℃ of the 40~41 at the beginning of disease, 1~2d falls it is normal to come, after 3~4d answer elevatory, die very quickly next, 4~5d of course of diseases, the temperature when on one's deathbed drops more to normal temperature the following. Bottom of stomach of dog of die in one's bed of 2 analyse check has haemorrhage sex inflammation, show cardinal, small intestine mucous membrane falls off, alvine wall attenuates, there is gules mucus inside, mix inside large intestine have show wine blood excrement and urine, there are a lot of haemorrhage places on mucous membrane, haemorrhage of rectum mucous membrane is more, mesentery lymph node enlargement, sometimes afterwards sends intussusception, alvine tangent plane bleeds, cardiac muscle is loose, color becomes weak, cystic plentiful, liver is qualitative fragile and brittle. 3 diagnose 3.1 epidemiology to diagnose this ill much hair at young dog, rather dog of epidemic disease have an inoculation feels the most easily, be affected directly or affect secondhand, basically pass enteron infection, this disease all can happen all the year round, but with cold...

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16. I met her at a regional climate change conference held in Kathmandu at the beginning of this month.

17. You must provide evidence covering the beginning and end of the 12 month period ending no more than 3 months prior to application.

18. A one page summary statement outlining all assets and liabilities for the beginning and end of a 12 month period ending no more than three months prior to date of application.

19. The first day of the first lunar month is the beginning of a Chinese New Year.

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20. They usually have less money at the end of the month than they have at the beginning.

beginning month 单语例句

1. A ruling last month by the Connecticut Supreme Court will make gay marriage legal there beginning next week.

2. The grand Christmas tree lighting ceremony early this month marked the beginning of Xintiandi's Christmas and 2007 New Year celebrations.

3. It decreed an end to production and sale of tobacco carrying tar of more than 15 mg per cigarette beginning this month.

4. The CBRC announced earlier this month that new rules setting tougher criteria for lenders'capital adequacy will take effect at the beginning of 2012.

5. Longmen Tourism Group will be recruiting musicians for one month beginning July 23.

6. The police said they received a tip off at the beginning of the month that an amusement arcade in Wangjing was operating as a casino.

7. The number will increase steadily as China opens up another five major cities for foreign banks to provide renminbi services beginning this month.

8. Premier Wen Jiabao visited Shanghai and Jiangsu at the beginning of the month.

9. The previous two rebates were made in August and at the beginning of this month.

10. The US International Trade Commission is scheduled to make its preliminary injury determination at the beginning of next month.

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